Blackboard Course Archiving

In the past, Blackboard courses remained on Blackboard forever. This made it difficult for instructors to locate their current Blackboard courses and it also negatively impacted Blackboard’s overall performance.

In response to numerous faculty requests and with the endorsement of the USC Academic Senate, some Blackboard courses were archived.

‘Archiving’ refers to creating and storing in a secure, external location a copy of an old Blackboard course’s contents and data (i.e. everything the instructor and students have uploaded or entered into a Blackboard course as well as the course structure such as folders, color scheme, banners, etc.)

Once a course has been removed from Blackboard (i.e., archived) it will no longer be listed in your Blackboard course list.

Restoring an Archived Course

To have a previously archived course restored to Blackboard, you will need to complete a “request form” found here:

Please scroll to the bottom of the page and click this link:

Request to Restore a Previously Archived Blackboard Course

Please note that restoring a course could, during busy periods, take up to 48 hours to complete. Once your course has been restored to Blackboard, it will reappear on your My Courses list. You can then access that course and its contents.