Customizing the Course Style

Select Teaching Style from the Customization section of the Control Panel to customize the course style in the following ways:

  1. Select a Course Structure – WARNING: Only do this if you have read the sections of Blackboard Help for Faculty on Course Structures. These cannot be undone.
  2. Change the course entry point. The course entry point is the first page the students see upon entering the course. The default course entry point is the Home Page.
  3. Select a Course Theme. This is purely visual unlike Course Structures.
  4. Select a Menu Style. Typically the Text is easier for students to use than the Buttons.
  5. Select a default content view – Icon Only, Text Only, or Icon and Text.
  6. Add a banner to the top of the course Home Page. The banner can be a text phrase or an image representing the course. The banner file must be in .gif or .jpg format and its size should be approximately 480 x 80 pixels or smaller.
  7. Click Submit.

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