Creating a Due Date Rule

Create Early Warning System Rule and Send Notifications (Movie, 3:20)

Note: Due Date Rules only apply to Blackboard Assignments/Tests. They do not work for any other type of assignments such as Turnitin. Please be aware of this when creating a rule.

A Due Date Rule informs you if any of your Students do not complete an assignment or assessment by the specified due date. The dye date must be pre-determined by you when creating the assignment. In order to do this you must create a Due Date Rule.

To create a Due Date Rule:

  1. Access the Early Warning System under the Evaluation tab in the Control Panel.
  2. Tab over Create Rule and select Due Date Rule from the Menu.
  3. Enter a name for the new Due Date Rule.
  4. Select the Availability for the rule. (Best to leave this to available if the test/assignment has been deployed.)
  5. Select the test/assignment you want the new rule to take into account.
    Note: The test/assignment must have a Due Date specified when it was created.
  6. Specify which attempt you want to be notified was completed. The first attempt will let you know when the student first took the test, the last attempt will let you know when the student can no long have any retakes on the test.
  7. Specify if you want to know if the assignment/test was completed before or after the due date..
  8. Select the number of days before or after the due date you want to be informed (or neither which would be the day of the due date). This could be useful if you want to remind students that an assignment is due.
  9. Click Submit.