Retention Center

The Retention Center (Movie, 4:33)
The Retention Center in Depth (Movie, 37:38)

The Retention Center is a Blackboard Tool designed to help you identify students that may be at-risk in your course and require special attention. The main table displays which students are at risk in one or more of four categories:

  • Missed Deadlines
  • Grades
  • Course Activity
  • Course Access

You can create as many rules as you need in each category. Creating additional rules:

Lastly, you can modify the status of a rule and “notify students” about their expected performance in a class by clicking here!

Note: This functionality is not available for Turnitin and only works for Blackboard Assignments. 

If a Student meets any of the above criteria you will be notified of their at-risk status. This can aid you in contacting the student and helping him or her to improve performance.

Additional Assistance:

  • Call our Blackboard Help line 24 hours a day, every day at (213) 740-5555 and choose option 2.
  • Faculty can request help and training from USC’s Enterprise Learning Technologies group by submitting a request to