Creating Group Sets

Creating Multiple Groups at the Same Time (Movie 02:58)

You may generate several Groups at one time by using Group Sets.
In addition to Manual and Self-Enrollment, you can select Random Enrollment for Group Sets. This option populates the Groups automatically—you simply choose the number of Groups or members per Group [group set help].

  1. On the Control Panel, under Users and Groups, select Groups.
  2. On the Groups page, click Create on the Action Bar to access the drop-down list.
  3. Select Self, Random, or Manual Enroll.
  4. On the Create Group Set page, enter a Name and optional Description.
  5. To make the Group Available, select the Yes radio node.
  6. Select the necessary tools.
  7. Select the checkbox for Module Personalization Setting to allow students to
    add personal modules to the Group space.
  8. Depending on the type of enrollment, select sign-up sheet options, members, or random enrollment options.
  9. Click Submit.

Random Groups can be created based on number of groups or group size. You also select where any remaining students are enrolled.