Assigning Grades For Discussion Threads

Note to instructors: By doing “Grade Threads”, each thread will create a new column in the grade book. This could be a pitfall if you do not moderate thread posts. Make sure this is what you wish to do, and not a grade forum where you start the forums.
  1. Click the forum’s title containing the gradable thread.
  2. In List View, on the thread listing page, click Grade in the thread’s Grade column.
  3. If it appears for you, set the amount of points possible for this thread.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click Grade Thread, and on the Grade Thread Users page, from a user’s Grade column, select Grade.
  6. This will pull up a list of all of that selected students posts in that thread, and the option to enter a grade on the right.
  7. Click “Edit Grade” on the right.
  8. Enter the student’s grade.
  9. Click Save Grade.
  10. Press Ok at the bottom of the page and this is the grade which will appear in this Thread’s Grade Column.