Content Collection

Instructors use the Content Collection to store, share, and publish content. Files may be linked to/from different areas in a Course and items from a Course may be added to a folder in the Content Collection.

The Content Collection – An overview of the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Home Directory – Describes the Content Collection’s Home Directory.

Content Collection: Directory Views – Describes how you can switch between the different

Content Collection: Replacing an Existing File – Describes how to overwrite previously existing files in the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Edit a File – Describes how to edit the settings of a file in the Content Collection.

Content Collection: File Permissions – Describes how to change the file permissions in the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Upload a Single File – Describes how to upload a single file in the Content Collection

Content Collection: Upload a Package – Describes how to upload a package of files into the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Using Content Collection Resources in a Course
 – How to use Content Collection files in your course.

Content Collection: Move Files – Describes how to move files from one place to another in the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Searching the Content Collection – Describes how to search the Content Collection.

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