Calendar: Create/Modify/Remove

How to Use the Blackboard Calendar (Movie 3:13)

The calendar displays dates and deadlines critical to course success. The Instructor can add, modify, and remove calendar events via the Course Calendar tool in the Control Panel. This tool is ideal to date-sensitive reminders such as:
  • when assignments are due
  • exam schedules
  • project reminders

Step 1: In the Control Panel, select Course Tools, then select Course Calendar.

Step 2: Click on the “+” button to create an event.7-10-2013 2-50-09 PM

Step 3: On the Create Event page, enter the Event Name

Step 4: Enter an Event Description.

Step 5: Enter the Date and Time the Event starts, as well as the Date and Time it Ends.

Step 6: Click Save.
7-10-2013 2-56-28 PM

While there is no easy formula for devising the course schedule, here are some things to think about:

  • Consider the time constraints of your particular course: obviously, a 3-hour class that meets once a week will pose different challenges than a 50-minute class that meets three times a week.
  • Spread assignments out to help students manage the workload and to avoid an unrealistic grading burden for yourself.
  • Provide sufficient time between assignments to give students feedback and allow them opportunities to incorporate it.
  • Take into account religious holidays and special events on campus that may affect student work.
  • Think about how interruptions (weekends, holidays, etc.) will affect the flow of your course (for example, you might not want to schedule a film for one class day and a discussion of it the next, if the viewing and discussion are separated by a week.)
  • Leave some unscheduled time in your course in case exciting, unanticipated opportunities present themselves or certain topics or activities take longer than expected.