Discussion Board Forums and Threads

The Discussion Board provides to you and your students, an asynchronous tool to electronically converse with one another. Asynchronous tools are designed, so that everyone does not have to be available [online] at the same time to participate in the conversation. Each posting is automatically logged and organized. The name given to this organization is threading, and it provides a mechanism to automatically group the postings and all related replies, i.e., follow-up comments.

Sample Discussion Forums

Creating a Discussion Forum

Managing Forums: Editing, Copying, Reordering, and Deleting

Creating Discussion Board Threads

Assigning Grades for Discussion Forums

Assigning Grades for Discussion Threads

Allowing Email Subscriptions in Discussion Forums

Tagging Threads 
Tags are text labels that act like bookmarks.

Changing the Status of a Thread
Learn how to show/hide a post to/from students.

Deleting Threads
Deleted posts cannot be restored.

Moderating Posts 
Displays the Moderation Queue page where Discussion Board Managers and Moderators can publish submitted posts or send them back to their authors.

Assigning Discussion Forum Roles
You can assign forum roles to limit access to a forum or to help with forum administration.

Additional Assistance:

  • Call our Blackboard Help line 24 hours a day, every day at (213) 740-5555 and choose option 2.
  • Faculty can request help and training from USC’s Enterprise Learning Technologies group by submitting a request to blackboard@usc.edu.