Merging Courses (Faculty Only)

Blackboard Course Availability Overview

It is possible to combine or merge course sections in Blackboard. Once courses are merged, you LOSE access to the child sections. A “new” parent section is created and it is in that section that you work. The merge process can take up to 48 hours from the time your request is accepted into Service Now and should be done before any student work is submitted.

Here’s what you need to do to initiate the process:

  1. Send an email to [] requesting us to work with you on combining course sections
  2. Send us the course identifiers of the courses you want combined, for example:
    1. 2019#_xxx_###_#####
    2. 2019#_xxx_###_#####
    3. etc . . .
    4. IMPORTANT: You must correctly list each section that needs combined.
    5. Please double-check them before sending them to us.
  3. Include the ID of the course that we need to copy into the parent course for you, for example 201##_XXXX_###_####
    1. Only the Blackboard Administrator’s can do the copying for you
  4. Please include a phone number where you can be reached, because we may need to reach you if we have any questions.
  5. This process will be completed during normal USC business hours.

After combining course sections, you only see a “master” course and work EXCLUSIVELY in that course. Students continue to see their original course; however, you WILL NOT have access to these sections.

After merging, the child course(s) will be unavailable and new content can be added to the parent course only.

Need Help?

  • Call our Blackboard Help line 24 hours a day, every day at (213) 740-5555 and choose option 2.
  • Faculty can request help and training from USC’s Enterprise Learning Technologies group by submitting a request to