In-Class Polling (Poll Everywhere)

Poll Everywhere is a simple application that works well for live audiences using mobile devices like phones. People participate by visiting a fast mobile-friendly web page for your event, sending text messages, or using Twitter. Instructions are displayed on-screen. The poll that is embedded within Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, or web page will update in real time. Advanced uses include texting comments to a presentation, texting questions to a presenter, responding via the web, and SMS interactivity in print, radio, and TV.

You can respond by following the instructions shown on the poll when it is displayed. You send a text message to the number 22333. The format of your response is determined by the type of poll. More detailed information can be found in the User Guide.

You can also respond via the poll’s web page on, or via an embeddable voting widget, or on a mobile web browser using, or even through Twitter.

Start Here:

To begin using Poll Everywhere, as an instructor, you will need to be sent an invitation.

  • Viterbi faculty members, please submit an Instructional Software Request (ISR) on myViterbi webportal, specifying for which term, class and section you wish to use Poll Everywhere, and the rationale for the request.  If approved by your program/department and by Viterbi IT, Viterbi IT will communicate with ITS to send you an invitation.
  • All other faculty, please email to with an acknowledgement from your department’s head that your department will be charged $3.50 per responder per year.


After accepting the invitation you will have access to the Poll Everywhere []. You will need to go to the above link to create polls. To learn more, start here:

Poll Everywhere is $3.50 per responder per year and this cost will be charged back to the programs/schools using Poll Everywhere.  A responder can respond to unlimited polls in unlimited courses taught by any professors under the USC Poll Everywhere license.  Please make sure you have gotten approval from your academic unit before using Poll Everywhere.


A weekly interactive lesson on the basics of how to create a poll, customize polls, insert the slides into Powerpoint, and run reports. Every Thursday at 1pm PST/4pm EST:

Videos Tutorials:

These links will take you to the Poll Everywhere “Video Library”. The videos are “short” and topical; here’s a video that demonstrates how students “Respond to polls from a Mobile Device“:

Blackboard Integration:

Integrations’ allow for the sharing of data between Blackboard our Learning Management System (LMS) and Poll Everywhere. Follow these steps to finish configure your Poll Everywhere grade book for integration with Blackboard.

Poll Everywhere Technical Support:

Additional Assistance:

  • Call our Blackboard Help line 24 hours a day, every day at (213) 740-5555 and choose option 2.
  • Faculty  can request help and training from USC’s Enterprise Learning Technologies group by submitting a request to