Sorting Rows and Columns

Sorting Rows and Columns

You can sort the information in rows and columns. The sorting remains in effect only as long as your current session. Once you close your browser, the view returns to the default.

Sorting Rows

You can sort rows by ordering grades from highest to lowest or lowest to highest. You can also sort rows by first or last name.

To sort rows, click the column title or the caret in the column heading.

Sorting Columns

By default, columns appear in the order in which they were created, called the Layout Position, with the oldest column on the left side of the table, and new columns added to the right. You can sort columns by the following:

  • Categories
  • Due Date
  • Date Created
  • Points Possible
  • Column Display Name

To sort columns, on the Action Bar, point to Sort Columns By to access the drop-down list and select the sorting order.