Using Content Collection Resources in a Course

It is easy to transfer or copy a file from your local workstation to the content collection.

  1. From within a course, ensure that Edit Mode is set to ON, then
  2. From within a content area, in this example, Syllabus
  3. Click the Build Content menu option, and
  4. Select Item, from the dropdown list.
  5. From within the Content Information section of the Create Item screen
  6. Enter a Name for the item, in this example, Course Syllabus, then
  7. Enter accompanying text to describe its intended use.
  8. In the Attachments area, select Browse Content Collection to search the Content Collection for the resource that you intend to link to.
  9. Check the box next to the resource file you wish to link to, then
  10. Click Submit.
  11. Rename the link to something more appropriate, e.g., “click to view the syllabus.”
  12. Select desired Options that control the release of the file.
  13. Click Submit.