The Content Collection Areas

The Blackboard Content Collection is an area of the blackboard server where files are stored. These files can be linked into courses and/or shared by the owner with other users on the system.

A unique characteristic of the Content Collection is that the files “saved” and/or “stored” on the server are accessible via the Internet. That is, if you were to upload a file, e.g., a syllabus or a paper that you are writing to the content collection, you would have access to those documents as long as you have access to the Internet.

  1. Locate the Content Collection tab underneath the Course Management menu.
  2. You will be automatically placed in your “home directory” where the majority of your files are stored.
  3. You can return to the “home directory” in a couple of different ways:
    • Reclicking the Content Collection link under Course Management.
    • Press the Parent Folder button “” until you reach the “home directory.”
  4. You can search your content from the Course Management -> Content Collection -> Basic/Advanced Search.