Content Collection: Upload Package

You can upload individual files as large as 100 megabytes to Blackboard and there is no limit to the number of individual files that you can upload.  For files larger than 100 megabytes — particularly if those files are large videos — contact your school’s local IT support staff.  Many schools offer their faculty access to file and video streaming servers especially designed for streaming large files.  You can then link to those files from within your Blackboard course.

It is easy to transfer or copy a zip package from your local workstation to the content collection. Blackboard will automatically “unzip” the package and place the contents of the zip-package into the directory from which you initiate the process.

  1. While in the content collection, click Upload from the navigation bar.
  2. Select Upload Package from the drop down dialogue box.
  3. Click Browse to locate the package to upload.
  4. To overwrite a previously uploaded package with the same name, select this option. (NOTE: There is no need to change the encoding.)
  5. Click Submit to upload the package and have Blackboard “upzip” the package into the directory from which you initiated the process.
  6. The package was successfully uploaded or transferred from my workstation and unpacked into the content collection.
  7. Notice that each file that existed in the zip package is now available inside the folder where I initiated the process.


Important Note: If you do not want all the files in the package to be placed into the starting directory, start the process by first creating a folder, navigating to the folder, and then clicking the upload button. By doing so, you place the contents of the package into a separate, manageable location.