Content Collection: Overwrite an Existing File

It is easy to replace or overwrite any file that resides on the content collection. Additionally, if a link exists to this document from a course, organization, or website, then the link will instantly be updated when the file [document] is overwritten. No other action is required to “fix” the link, since overwriting the file replaces the document and the link to the file does not change.

  1. From the Content Collection locate the file you want to replace and click the adjacent drop down menu. For example, you may want to replace an MS Word file with an Acrobat version of the same file. (NOTE: It is not required that you replace one type of file with the same type of file, e.g., an MS Word file with an Adobe Acrobat file. You could replace a text file with a video, Blackboard doesn’t care, you are replacing one file with another and the link to that file does not change.)
  2. Select Overwrite File from the drop down menu, see below:
  3. From the File Information area, click Browse My Computer to search for the file you intend to overwrite or replace the existing file. Upon selecting the file you will see the selection displayed in the File entry box.
  4. Click Submit to have the selected file replace the existing file.
  5. Success: Item overwritten prompt appears at the top of the screen indicating that the file was replaced.
  6. The original file icon has changed to signify that the original file, an MS Word file, was replaced with an Adobe Acrobat document, in this instance.