Content Collection: Home Directory

The focus of this help sheet is on your home directory. However, what is covered in this help sheet applies to every area of the content collection.

  1. Select Upload to transfer files from your local workstation to a content directory.
  2. Select Create Folder to create a folder. (HINT: Folders are used to organize or group a collection of files or folders.)
  3. You have two choices when it comes to how you choose to display your files: View List and View Thumbnails.
  4. Whenever you delete a resource it is actually “moved” into the Recycle Bin directory rather than deleted. (NOTE: Files that have been deleted can be restored to there original location from within the Recycle Bin directory.)
  5. If you wanted to take your files [resources] with you, i.e., download them by clicking the Download Package button.
  6. To copy a file from one area of the content collection to another, select the file(s) to copy and click Copy.
  7. To move a file or folder from one area of the content collection to another, select the resource(s) and click Move.
  8. To recycle an item(s), click Recycle. (NOTE: The item(s) recycled are moved into the “Recycle Bin” directory and are not deleted until you enter the Recycle Bin directory and physically delete.)
  9. The permission icon is a “shortcut” view that visually informs you as to the status of a file or directory. A hand indicates that the resource is not being shared, e.g., .
  10. If more than one version of the resource exists, a shortcut to the versions page will materialize.