Content Collection: File Permissions

File Permissions control access to files and folders. For example, if you want to allow a user, course, organization, group, individual user, etc. access to a file or folder, you would do so by changing the permission on the file or folder.

1. To check or change the permissions on a file or folder, enter the Content Collection and locate a resource of interest.
2. The icon for that particular resource indicates whether or not it is currently being shared. There are two states or icons, both visible below:

The one indicates that the document is being “handed-off” to someone implies it is shared.
The other appears to be stopping or blocking access.
To access the Manage Permissions page for the file, click the icon.

3. Read Permission – provides “read-only” access to the resource.
4. Write Permission – provides write access to the resource.
5. Remove Permission – allows the grantee to delete or remove the resource.
(NOTE: If this resource was linked into a course and it was deleted by the individual with Remove Permission, then the link would break because the resource was deleted.)
6. Manage Permission – grants permission to do anything with the file that the file owner can do.
7. To share a resource with an individual(s), click Select Specific Users, and enter the usernames of the individuals you wish to share the resource with.
8. To share a resource with a course, organization, or a group within a course or organization, choose Select Specific Users By Place.
9. Click Select Role to share the resource with a particular type of user, for example, all faculty members at USC.
10. The Permit Anyone option is used to share a resource with anyone with access to the Blackboard server.

(NOTE: Setting a resource to Permit Anyone would allow that resource to be located via a search by anyone with access to the Content Collection.)