Content Collection: Edit File

The Content Collection Edit Settings option has several purposes. First, it is the option you pick to rename a file. Second, you use this option to check or retrieve the URL to the file [resource]. Third, this option is used to double-check or change the file type, think file extension, e.g., .doc or .ppt. Finally, you use this option to change settings on the file, for example, activating tracking to record access to the file.

1. From the Content Collection locate the file you want to edit/rename.

2. Select Edit Settings from the dropdown menu, see below:

6-27-2013 2-20-32 PM

3. From the File Information area, in the File Name dialog box, you rename the file.
(NOTE: It is important that the file has the correct extension, in this instance, “.rtf”, see next point.)

4. It is critical the that File Type match the extension. The File Type is used by your web browser when it opens the file. That is, when a user clicks the link to launch or open the file, a web browser searches through a local file, that is hidden from view, to know which application to launch. Continuing with this example, the “applicaion/rtf” entry matches the file extension “.rtf” and my web browser will launch Microsoft Word automatically as a result to display the file.

5. Web Folder URL vs. Permanent URL – the Web Folder URL is the exact location of the file on the server. Blackboard keeps track of the file on the file system. An important take-away from this discussion is that this link will change if you move the file. Therefore, it is not to be used.

The Permanent URL is actually a Blackboard internally managed reference to the physical file. This is the URL that you would use if you wanted to link to this resource from another website or document.

6. From the Options area, activate settings for the resource. (HINT: If you would like Blackboard to track and record each access to the file, activate Enable Tracking. After doing so, you will be able to run a report on the file that will list each access to the file.)

7. Click Submit.

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