Turnitin (Discouraging Plagiarism)

Turnitin File Requirements
If an assignment is set to allow any file type, Turnitin will accept . . .

Using Turnitin Feedback Studio (NEW – January 1, 2017)
Learn how to use the newest version of  Turnitin.

Creating A Turnitin Assignment
Learn how to create a Turnitin assignment.

Viewing Turnitin Originality Reports
Check student submissions for authenticity.

Provide Feedback and Grade a Paper Online (Movie 4:04)
Instructors can add comments and rubrics to students’ submissions. Grading a paper online eliminates the need to download a paper.

Learn How to Create Grading Rubrics and Grading Forms
Grading Forms allow you to create a rubric that has a list of criteria that contains free response text fields and the ability to score each criterion and are used to grade a “live presentation.”

Submitting a Paper for a Student
An instructor can submit a paper for an enrolled student or in the name of a non-enrolled student.

Creating a Revision Assignment
The revision assignment is an opportunity for a student to write about what they learned from the writing process as well as offer feedback on the assignment they worked on. This is most useful in classes that emphasize and teach the writing process. The reflection assignment is an assignment that can be given a grade score (applies only to the Grade Center user) and is an assignment that is stacked under the original assignment.

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