Modifying the Availability of Discussion Board Threads

When a discussion board thread is created, it is automatically assigned a Published status. The thread status can be changed or locked to keep students focused on relevant discussions. Thread status is shown and changed in List View.

  1. Access the discussion board forum.
  2. In List View, select the checkbox next to each thread requiring a change of status.
  3. Click the Thread Actions drop-down menu and choose a new status for the selected thread or threads.
  4. The new discussion thread status will appear in the Status column.

The table below describes the goals for threads, and which status to select to accomplish the goal.

Goal for Thread Status
Make the thread available to all users. Select Publish
Allow users to read the thread, but not edit or add to it. Locking a thread allows grades to be assigned without users updating or changing posts. Select Lock
Change the status of the thread to re-open the thread to editing. Select Unlock
Hide the thread from immediate view, but still allow users the option of reading the threads. Select Hide
Hide thread from view of all users except forum managers. Select Make Unavailable