Blackboard Integrations [LTI]

LTI tools (e.g., Panopto, ExamSoft, Voice Thread, Piazza, etc.) are third-part applications that are accessed from within Blackboard. What makes LTI integration’s attractive is that a user, once logged into Blackboard, will not need a separate username or password to access these tools.

Finally, an LTI tool can be enabled campus-wide or for a department (i.e., isolated and available to only valid licensed user in that department). This functionality is unique to Blackboard and permits simultaneous installations of the same tool under different licenses that are only available and accessible to those programs users. See below examples from our current production system.

lti_ostrow lti_viterbi


LTI Roles

  • An LTI sponsor is a faculty or staff member who has oversight responsibilities for licensing third-party applications (e.g., YouSeeU, Lecture Tools, etc.). The LTI sponsor may be responsible for supporting the LTI application once installed.
  • course instructor is a current paid USC faculty or staff member who is assigned to teach a Blackboard course. The LTI sponsor may also act as a course instructor. The course instructor is specifically responsible for monitoring and maintaining the course participants’ compliance with the University of Southern California policies and guidelines. Course instructor(s) can manually activate any LTI applications, licensed by their school, and enabled within their course, only after the tool is installed by the Blackboard Server Team.
  • course participant is a currently enrolled USC student or USC faculty, staff, teaching assistant, or affiliate who is enrolled in a Blackboard course. Only users with valid, current USC user names and passwords can be Blackboard course participants. Course participants can access LTI applications from within a Blackboard course, if enabled by the course instructor.

Requesting an LTI Integration

Please visit our service catalog to request an LTI integration to: LTI Service Request Form. LTI sponsors should complete the request form. LTI integration’s require the license holder to work with the Blackboard server team to integrate LTI tools.

The license holder will be required to:

  1. Work with the ITS Blackboard Administrator and the IAMSC (Identity and Access Management Steering Committee) as needed to ensure that the LTI conforms to USC policies and to obtain required approvals.
  2. Sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that requires the signer to assume all support responsibilities for the configured LTI tool.
  3. Provide Enterprise Learning Technologies with a copy of the agreement with the LTI vendor. The LTI tool needs to be purchased under a valid campus-wide or departmental license agreement. 
  4. Work with the ITS Blackboard Administrator to test the LTI on a test environment.

Typically the review, approval, testing, and activation on the production system, may take up to 45-days to complete, assuming no issues are found.

For answers to any additional questions you may have regarding the integration of LTI tools into Blackboard courses, please send an email message to

Additional Assistance:

  • Faculty can request help and training from USC’s Enterprise Learning Technologies group by submitting a request to