Entering and Managing Grades

Entering Student Grades (Movie, 03:04)
Grades are entered into the Grade Center in a variety of ways. Scores from items that have been added to the content of a course such as online tests, exams, and surveys are automatically entered into the Grade Center. Grades from an external source, such as a comma separated values (CSV) file or an Excel spreadsheet, are uploaded to the Grade Center, eliminating the need for double entry. Other grades are manually entered into the Grade Center using any of the views of the Grade Center.

Grading Assignments (Movie, 03:30)
Posting Student Assignment Grades on the Grade Center and Returning Assignment Files to the Students

Anonymous Grading (Movie 2:07)
You can hide user information from the Grade Details page. Once an attempt has been selected, the you can hide the student information before grading the attempt.

Viewing and Grading Tests: Grading Tests, Overriding Grades, and Clearing Attempts
It is possible to modify any awarded grade.

Assigning Grades for Discussion Board Forums
Select Grade Forum and type a point value to evaluate participants on performance throughout a forum.

Assigning Grades for Discussion Threads
Select Grade Threads to evaluate participants on performance in each thread.

Grading a Wiki: Providing Summative Feedback on Student Wiki Contributions (Movie, 01:58)
When creating a wiki in your course, you can enable grading for the wiki. Once grading is enabled a column is added to the grade center and grades can be entered either in the grade center or from within the wiki itself.

Problem: Scroll Bar Missing from the Grade Center
Missing Grade Center scroll bars are a symptom of the default font size on your computer being set too high.  The following instructions show you how to display Grade Center scroll bars when Windows is set to display extra large fonts.