Grading & Reporting

In the Blackboard Grade Center, you can provide and manage your students’ grades for assignments, tests, discussion posts, journals, blogs, and wikis, and for ungraded items, such as surveys or self tests. You can also create grade columns for any activities or requirements you want to grade, such as special projects, participation, or attendance.

Getting Started
Learn the Basics of Entering Grades into the Grade Center

Entering and Managing Grades
Learn the basics of entering grades into a course grade book and modifying them in the future.

Editing Your Grades in Microsoft Excel
Learn How to use Microsoft Excel to Edit Your Grade Book

Weight, Override and Modify Grades
It is possible to weight grades, drop the lowest grades, etc. in the Blackboard Grade Center..

Advanced Grade Center Management
The Blackboard Grade Center is similar to an Excel grade book in features.

Grading with Rubrics
You can use a rubric to communicate the assignment requirements and acceptable performance standards. Rubrics can help ensure consistent and impartial grading.


Tracking Student Activity
Creating a Report That Shows Detailed Information about Student Activity for All Areas within Your Course (Movie, 02:58)

Running Course Reports
You can run several types of course reports to view information about course usage and activity.

Retention Center
he Retention Center provides an easy way for you to discover which students in your course are at risk. Based on preconfigured rules and rules you create, students’ engagement and participation are visually displayed, quickly alerting you to potential risk. From the Retention Center, you can communicate with struggling students and help them take immediate action for improvement.

Performance Dashboard
The Performance Dashboard provides you with a view into all types of user activity in your course or organization.

You can use the achievements tool to create opportunities for students to earn recognition for their work. You designate criteria for issuing achievements to students in the form of both badges and certificates.

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