Enrolling a Guest

Enrolling an External (Non-USC) User as a Guest

To protect our students’ and professors’ privacy, you cannot enroll someone who is not affiliated with USC as a guest in your Blackboard courses.  However, USC does offer a mechanism for you to request that an external user be added to your Blackboard course as a co-instructor.  For more information, please read Enrolling an External User through IVIP.

Enrolling a USC User as a Guest

While Blackboard used to have a “guest” role, that role was a misnomer.  The guest role did not let guests “sit in” on your course and see what your students saw. In fact, by default, users with the role of “guest” could only access your course’s Announcements and Calendar … and nothing else.

Because the guest role caused so much confusion — instructors would manually enroll guests and then wonder why the guests were not able to see any of the course’s content — USC disabled the guest role in the fall of 2012.

Since the goal of most instructors who want to have guests in their Blackboard course is to let those guests have the same experience as a registered student, we recommend that you manually enroll your guests as “unofficial” students.  Manually added, unofficial students have the same access to your Blackboard courses as do you official students, although you will not be able to assign an unofficial (guest) student a final, end-of-semester transcript letter grade until that student officially enrolls in your course and pays his or her tuition and fees.

For instructions on how to manually enroll an unofficial (guest) student, please read Enrolling a Student.