Reusing, Copying, and Managing Course Content and Resources

Copying Course Content from One Course to Another
Copying courses can be a convenient way to reuse and adapt existing course structures, materials, and content.

Copying Individual Files or Folders within Courses or from One Course to Another
Rather than copying an entire courses between semesters or sections, you can copy individual links, files, and folders.

Access Another Instructor’s Course Contents
To access another instructor’s Blackboard course contents, please contact that course’s instructor and request that he or she you manually enroll you as an instructor in that Blackboard course.

Using Adaptive Release
Adaptive release controls the release of content to users based on a set of rules created by the instructor. The rules may be related to availability, date and time, individual users, group membership, scores or attempts on any Grade Center item, calculated columns in Grade Center, or review status of an item in the course.

Printing Items (Movie, 01:37)
Learn how to print from within a Blackboard course.