Content Collection

USC licenses something called the Blackboard Content Management System. Instructors use the Content Collection to store, share, and publish content within personal user folders, course folders, and Institution Folders throughout Courses in Blackboard. Files and Portfolios may be linked to from different areas in a Course and items from a Course may be added to a folder in the Content Collection.

You can upload individual files as large as 100 megabytes to Blackboard and there is no limit to the number of individual files that you can upload.  For files larger than 100 megabytes — particularly if those files are large videos — contact your school’s local IT support staff.  Many schools offer their faculty access to file and video streaming servers especially designed for streaming large files.  You can then link to those files from within your Blackboard course.


The Content Collection – Gives you an overview of the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Home Directory – Describes the Content Collection’s Home Directory.

Content Collection: Directory Views – Describes how you can switch between the different

Content Collection: Overwriting or Replacing an Existing File – Describes how to overwrite previously existing files in the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Edit a File – Describes how to edit the settings of a file in the Content Collection.

Content Collection: File Permissions – Describes how to change the file permissions in the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Upload a Single File – Describes how to upload a single file in the Content Collection

Content Collection: Upload a Package – Describes how to upload a package of files into the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Using Content Collection Resources in a Course
 – How to use Content Collection files in your course.

Content Collection: Move Files – Describes how to move files from one place to another in the Content Collection.

Content Collection: Searching the Content Collection – Describes how to search the Content Collection.