Turnitin (Discouraging Plagiarism)

Using Turnitin Feedback Studio (NEW – January 1, 2017)
Learn how to use the newest version of  Turnitin.

Creating A Turnitin Assignment
Learn how to create a Turnitin assignment.

Viewing Turnitin Originality Reports
Check student submissions for authenticity.

GradeMark: Adding Comments to a Paper Without Downloading the Paper

Instructors can use GradeMark to add comments and rubrics to students’ submissions. Adding comments to a paper in GradeMark is as easy as clicking where you would like to add the mark, entering your comment, and clicking save. Using GradeMark to grade a paper eliminates the need to download a paper.

The below link is a short video that walks you through the edit of a submission, without the need to download that paper, edit it offline, and then uploading; way too many steps. Save your self time and work by looking into how GradeMark can save you time and work when grading student submissions.
Here is a movie to complement the guide. (Movie, 3:45)

Setting an Assignment to Allow Resubmissions
By default Turnitin assignments will not accept resubmissions. If the instructor would like to allow students to resubmit their papers, he or she can use the advanced assignment options when creating an assignment to set the assignment to allow overwrites.

Allowing Submissions After the Assignment Due Date
By default Turnitin assignments will not accept submissions from students after the assignment’s due date has passed. To accept submissions after the assignment due date, use the advanced assignment options to set the assignment to allow late submissions.

Submitting a Paper for a Student
An instructor can submit a paper for an enrolled student or in the name of a non-enrolled student.

Removing Papers from an Assignment Inbox
Only the instructor of a class can remove a paper from an assignment inbox. Removing a paper will allow a student to resubmit to the assignment. The paper can be removed using the delete button in the inbox.

Creating a Revision Assignment
The revision assignment is an opportunity for a student to write about what they learned from the writing process as well as offer feedback on the assignment they worked on. This is most useful in classes that emphasize and teach the writing process. The reflection assignment is an assignment that can be given a grade score (applies only to the Grade Center user) and is an assignment that is stacked under the original assignment.

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