Collecting Student Work

Creating Assignments
Assignments allow you to create coursework and manage the grades and feedback for each student separately. In an assignment, you can include a description, point value, and file attachments. You can create assignments in several courses areas, such as in a Content Area or in a Learning Module, Lesson Plan, or folder. Students access the assignment, type a submission, attach files, and submit it. You can respond to each student separately with comments and attached files. You can distribute assignments to course groups. To learn more, see Creating Group Assignments. You access submitted assignments in the Grade Center.

Downloading Assignments (Movie 3:19)
You can download assignment submissions to review them offline instead of reviewing them online in the Grade Center. Choose to download all or only selected submissions as a single .zip file. Unzip (expand) the file to view the contents, where each submission is saved as a separate file.

Grading Assignments (Movie 3:30)
When an assignment is created, a column is added automatically to the Grade Center. An assignment that has been submitted, but not graded, is indicated with an exclamation markā€”the needs grading icon. You can access assignments that have been submitted by students and need grading from: Needs Grading page OR the Grade Center. You have the option to grade assignments anonymously.

Clean Out Graded Assignment Files
It’s possible to remove or delete all student work with a few clicks; click the above link to learn how.

Turnitin (Discouraging Plagiarism)
The university licenses software that “automatically” checks student submissions for authenticity; click the above link to learn how to create a Turnitin assignment.

How to create assessments such as tests, quizzes, surveys, and question pools.