Creating a Blog: Creating a Shared, Online Diary for Use in Your Course (Movie, 02:19)
Blog writing assignments are another medium for reflective learning. With this type of assignment, students are expected to display their research, analytical, and communication skills through a series of commentaries meant for public consumption and comment. In the course environment, blogs are only able to be viewed by enrolled users.

Creating and Editing Blog Entries: Posting New Blog Entries within Your Course (Movie, 02:15)
Instructors and users can create blog entries and other course members can make comments on the entries. As the instructor, you can use blog entries to provide structure for discussions on class topics and other issues. Group blogs can be read by all course members, but to make an entry, the user must be a group member.

Commenting on a Blog Entry: Providing Feedback on Blog Posts (Movie, 01:27)
Because blogs are meant to be read by others, students can comment on one another’s blog entries, whether they belong to an individual, the course, or a group. Comments cannot be edited after they are posted.