Changing Tool Availability

Changing Tool Availability

You can select which tools are available in your course and which users have access to them. For example, if the Messages tool will not be used, make it unavailable. No one can see it or access it, including the instructor, until it is made available again. Available tools are listed alphabetically on the Tool Availability page.

NOTE: The system administrator can turn off select tools, making those tools unavailable for use in your courses. The system administrator can also remove the instructor’s ability to choose who has access to select tools.

Tool State Description of State
Available The tool is available throughout the course and open to all users having a role permitting use of the tool.
Visible to Guests The tool is visible (read-only), but not usable to Guests, when Guests are permitted into the course.
Visible to Observers The tool is visible (read-only), but not usable to Observers, when Observers are permitted into the course.
Available in Content Areas The instructor can place a link to the tool in one or more Content Areas in the course.

If a tool is made unavailable, the tool’s content is not deleted. Once the tool is available again, the content becomes available.

QUICK STEPS:  changing tool availability

  1. From the Control Panel, click Customization. Click Tool Availability.
  2. To make a tool Available, select the tool’s check box under the Available column. To disable a tool, clear the tool’s check box.
  3. Click Submit.



Hyphen Availability settings in the system cannot eb changed.
Available Tool is on and accesible to students in the course.
Visible to Guests Tool is turned on and is accessible to non-enrolled users.
Visible to Observers Ignore this setting. USC’s Blackboard does not allow observers at this time
Available in Content Areas Activate this tool for use in a content area
Gray filled check box The Blackboard system administrator has made the tool unavailable.