Adding Content Areas to the Course Menu

Creating Content Areas

  1. In Edit Mode, above the Course Menu, click the “+” sign.
  2. Select Create Content Area.
  3. Enter a Name for the link and select whether it will be Available to Users.
  4. Click Submit.

Remember, Content Areas can be created and made unavailable to users until needed.

Adding Items to a Content Area

  1. In Edit Mode, access a Content Area from the Course Menu, by clicking on the name of the content area, e.g. Course Content.
  2. On the Action Bar, click Build Content button and then select Item beneath the Create column.
  3. On the Create Item page, enter the item’s Name and Text.
  4. To upload a file from your computer click Browse My Computer or to link to an existing file that was previously uploaded into your course, click Browse Course Files. Repeat Step 4 to add additional files and/or links to files.
  5. Under Options, select Yes for Permit Users to View the Content Item to make the item available to students. You can also choose to track student views and set a display before and after day.
  6. Click Submit.

Adding Tools to a Content Area

  1. In Edit Mode, access the Content Area.
  2. From the Build Content contextual menu, select Tools Area from the New Page column.
  3. On the Link to Tools Area page, give an explanation as to which tools you would like your students to use.
  4. Click Submit.