Customizing Your Course

Adding a Banner to the Course Entry Point: Posting a Banner Image at the Top of the Announcements page. (Movie, 01:52)
You can add a banner image to appear at the top of the course entry point. The banner image is automatically centered. A recommended size for banners is approximately 480 by 80 pixels. When selecting a banner image, keep in mind that users can resize their browser windows, expand and collapse the Course Menu, and use monitors of varying sizes and screen resolutions. After uploading a banner, view it under those varying conditions to ensure that it appears as intended.

Customizing the Course Style 
Style options control the appearance, theme, Course Menu style and layout, content appearance, course entry point, and the banner image for a course. On the Control Panel, expand the Customization section and select Teaching Style to access course style options.

Editing Course Menu Links 
Students access their course via the course menu. Learn how to customize the course menu to your liking.

Adding Tools to the Course Menu
Create a link to an available tool in the course, such as the Calendar or Journals. You can also create a link to the Tools page.

Changing Tool Availability
You can select which tools are available in your course and which users have access to them. For example, if the Messages tool will not be used, make it unavailable. No one can see it or access it, including you, until it is made available again. On the Tool Availability page, available tools are listed alphabetically.

Adding Content Areas to the Course Menu
You can create course areas to serve as containers for your course material. Course areas enable you to present various types of content in an organized and engaging way.

Adding Modules to the Course Home Page
On the My Institution tab, you see a collection of Course Modules that contain tools such as a calculator, or display dynamic information such as grades, alerts, and announcements. You can use the links in modules to navigate to areas in your courses. You can add Course Modules to Module Pages only, such as the My Institution tab or a course Home Page.

Reordering Course Home Modules
Learn how to customize the “Course Home” page.