Administering Your Course

Making a Course Available to Students
You can set courses to be available or unavailable. If the course is available, all users participating in the course will have access. If the course is unavailable, access is determined by course role. Instructors, Course Builders, Teaching Assistants (TAs), and graders can see and access unavailable courses from My Courses Plus, but the courses are marked as Not Available. Students cannot access unavailable courses.

Blackboard Course Archiving
After four calendar years, old Blackboard courses will be archived and removed from Blackboard. ‘Archiving’ refers to creating and storing in a secure, external location a copy of an old Blackboard course’s contents and data, i.e. everything the instructor and students have uploaded or entered into an old Blackboard course as well as the course structure such as folders, color scheme, banners, etc. Once a course has been removed from Blackboard, you can use CourseLife (Blackboard’s new archived courses tool) to request that that course be put back on Blackboard.

Troubleshooting Common Problems
Not all browsers work the same. Learn how to deal with these differences.

Managing Your Roster
Learn how to view your course’s roster as well as how to combine course rosters..

Tracking Student Activity
You can track student activity, such as attendance, in your courses. Blackboard Learn has different tools to track student logins, the time students have spent in the course, and what pages in the course they are accessing.

Customizing Your Course
Learn how to modify the appearance of your courses.

Customizing Your Blackboard Settings
Learn how to update your personal information within Blackboard as well as how to setup or modify the notifications for your courses.

Performance Dashboard
The Performance Dashboard tool provides a window into all types of user activity in a course or organization. All users enrolled in the course are listed, with pertinent information about that user’s progress and activity in the course.

Sending Notifications
Learn how to notify students about course activity.

Running and Saving a Course Report
Course Reports provides different ways to view information about student activity, content usage, course standards, and course objectives.